Self Care 101: Maintaining a strong immune system

Everyone gets exposed to the same jimmy germs and pollutants in the air. Some people seem to catch whatever bug is going around and others seem to be immune from illness even when people are sneezing all around them. Some people take a long time to recover, some people bounce back quickly.

It’s all about strengthening the immune system. There’s no single magic remedy for strengthening the immune system. It’s a combination of things, such as

  • adequate sleep
  • good nutrition
  • good hydration
  • minimal stress
  • good supplements

Essential oils would fall under the “supplement” category.

If you are in my tribe, then you have probably been gifted a sample of an essential oil blend that I use every day to help strengthen and support my immune system: On Guard. I made this video for you, so that you can better know how to use it:

ON GUARD VIDEO (under 3 minutes)

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