Remedy: How to drink more water


I don’t think I’m as thirsty as most people. I don’t usually drink a beverage with my meal. I lived in the high desert in northern Nevada for almost 20 years and I still hardly drank any water. Oh yes, I tried cutting lemon wedges but I always ended up throwing out the lemon because I’d forget to use it or… not bother.

No matter how hard I have tried, I haven’t been able to successfully up my daily water intake…. until now!

Now that I’ve incorporated essential oils into my lifestyle, I’m motivated to ingest them and so I’ve learned about adding one drop to your drinking water. It sure makes drinking water more interesting! I bought myself a glass water bottle and now I’m drinking a variety of flavored waters all the time. It kills two birds with one stone: 1.) It helps me drink more water, and 2.) it helps me ingest beneficial essential oils.

For example, adding a drop of lemon essential oil first thing in the morning adds purifying benefits and also helps alkalize your water. Plus it tastes better than plain water and has zero calories. Wild orange is good too, as well as lime and grapefruit.

I also add a drop or two to my water at a restaurant. You know what they say about adding lemon wedges served at a restaurant! I prefer to add my own.

Did you know… not drinking enough water could cause a higher cholesterol count? It can cause kidney stones, and all sorts of problems. Most importantly, water helps flush out waste and toxins so we want to drink our 8 glasses of water every day.

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